I admit I have only seen two collections from the  man, and much to no one’s surprise, they do not wow me in any sense.

Đỗ Mạnh Cường Fall Winter 2011/2012 at ELLE Fashion Show

Well, the fur of one whole animal across the shoulder just screams Gucci (under Tom Ford) Fall Winter 2004-2005.

*Picture by Tinmoi.vn

My problem with the way ĐMC uses fur has nothing to do with whether I stand for/against animal protection. My problem is simple; he used dead animals and they look exactly that: DEAD. In the Gucci show, the fur looks like part of the outfit, and the Gucci women look expensive, sexy, and desirable. Well, the ĐMC women look batshit crazy with those furs on their shoulders.

Second, some of the winter coats remind me of Michael Kors Fall Winter 2010 (or 2011?), and this bugged me. Third, the music is so wrist-cutting boring throughout the whole show, and the clothes are nothing to write home about. You can argue a case for his finale gowns but to be honest, they’re too heavy-handed for my taste.

His Spring Summer 2011 with Lê Thúy as the opener is equally dull. Lace after lace, and the soundtrack drove me nuts. Lace was a big trend during that period so I can’t really accuse him of anything. The only complaint is again, boring and derivative. And you know what I hate? Having your closer smoke a cigarette does not/will not bring any edge to your clothes. Get your shit together first, and then have them pose whatever the hell they want.

So yeah, can’t say I’m excited for his role in Project Runway Vietnam because frankly I am not yet to be convinced.


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